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Fuente de Marzo (Anna)

March’s fountain area is located close to Anna’s Albufera. It is a water birthplace sheltered by a canyon of greyish

Fuente Negra (Anna)

The Black Fountain spring supplies Catalan Gorgo with water. Its stream runs between a lush vegetation making this a welcoming

Playa Salvaje (Chella)

Saliendo de Chella por las Eras, dejando el polideportivo a la derecha y tomando el desvío que lleva al Abrullador

El Salto (Chella)

Waterfall 25 meters high located in the Sellent river channel as it passes through the town. At the beginning of

Abrullador (Chella)

n the middle of the 18th century, a spring of water was discovered a few kilometers from the urban center,

River (Bolbaite)

Sellent River crosses the middle of the population, dividing it into two parts: El Lugar, and La Peña, which are

Playamonte (Navarrés)

The Las Fuentes deposit, located near the town, is known as Playamonte, and is perfectly equipped for swimming and enjoying

Garrofero cave (Navarrés)

This area of Navarres houses cave paintings of the Levantine and schematic styles. Made in a dark red color, tourists

Lakes (Quesa)

The puddles of Quesa lakes, which are located in the municipality of the same about 7/8 kilometers from the municipality,

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