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Cabrentá PNM (Estubeny)

Cabrentá PNM (Estubeny)

This place called the Cabrentà allows us to know for the last time human activity at the end of the civil war. This and the sum of years and a particularly humid microclimate have led us to appreciate one of the few examples of Mediterranean jungle today.

In this natural landscape, the abundant underground waters of the Caroig massif appear and there are innumerable springs, waterfalls and springs of crystalline waters. The grace of destiny has left us in sight a true collection of geological formations-stalactites, flags, etc-and that you can admire here without having to enter a cave.

In this jungle the visitor can find monumental trees of llidoner and laurels that reach up to twelve meters high. This type of forest can be considered an example of much wetter prehistoric times, and can be considered unique in our territory. There is also a lack of abundant vegetation of vines like ivy that in the oldest cases reaches the size of a tree, offering a true aspect of jungle.

We must add that this wonderful place that is accessed through a narrow gorge and a small cave, has remained isolated from human action and there are up to ten plants protected by its rarity or being in danger of extinction. Here all together, the visitor can observe without difficulties and conveniently advised. As for the fauna, this is an exceptional place to listen to countless species of birds that come attracted by the varied fruits of the forest. The explanatory panels installed along it will facilitate the visit and bring the visitor-adult or small-closer to a better knowledge of the natural values ​​present in the area. On the other hand, an ecological path enabled for the enjoyment of the visitor, will guide you through this vegetable maze and allow you to enjoy a walk that will take you to forget.

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