A rich natural heritage

“Beautiful village with a rich cultural and natural heritage that gives its name to the region.
The municipality is located in the heart of the region, beautifully seated on a mound crowned by the hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo de la Salud (18th century). The origin of Navarrés dates back to the Muslim period, as can be seen from the castle on a nearby hill, which was itself built on top of a Bronze Age settlement.

The visitor can discover the steep streets of the old Moorish quarter and the caves dug out of the rock at the foot of the chapel. The streets around the parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (18th century) and its Parish Museum are already of Christian design. In the Plaza del Barrio it is possible to refresh yourself in the Fuente La Marquesa or Fuente de los 24 Chorros.

The patron saint fiestas are held from 8 to 12 October in honour of the Santísimo Cristo de la Salud and the Virgen del Remedio. The patron saint San Gregorio celebrates the “”meal of the poor””, based on baked rice dishes. Another singular celebration is the well-known “”hora del Quijal”” of Todos Santos, where children walk through the streets of the town and are rewarded with nuts and food.

In the local gastronomy, the casseroles in the oven and the rice with fesols i naps, the porridge, the mojete arriero and the long list of handmade sweets stand out.

The natural heritage of Navarrés stands out in places such as Playamonte and Las Fuentes, which have recently been restored. The natural area of Los Chorradores and El Barcal has a succession of natural waterfalls, which can be completed with a visit to the Quebradas water well. Adventure lovers can enjoy water activities at the pier of the Escalona dam or potholing in the Tous chasm.”

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Carnicería Rafa (Navarrés)

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Actividad de descenso de barrancos secos y acuáticos

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