The sound of water

“Water invades every corner with gorgOs, fountains and waterfalls, forming natural landscapes of great beauty and an outstanding cultural heritage
In Anna, the most typical sound of the place is the whispering of water. It passes through the town centre of Islamic origin, dotted with fountains and washing places. The Castle-Palace of the Counts of Cervellón, built from the 12th century onwards, the 16th century Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia, from which there is a magnificent view of the village, are all part of its architectural heritage.

The festival of the patron San Antón, in January is notable for the traditional “”Tirá””, where the flag bearers on horseback throw toys and other items. The Christ of Providence is celebrated on the first Monday of August in the Eras Festival and in September in the Patron Saint’s Festival, with musical performances, the coronation of the Queen, emotional processions, Moors and Christians and days of bullfighting.

Its cuisine includes baked rice casseroles, herb pastisos, bacon and sausage cakes, and pepper and tomato cakes. Among the varied confectionery, we can mention the “”sainosas”” cakes of carnival or the “”hogasas”” of All Saints.

In addition to the lake of the Albufera, Anna has places of great charm as the Fuente de Marzo, the Gorgo de la Escalera (Continental Beach), the spring of the Fuente Negra, whose waters fall into the Gorgo Catalán, which is accessed by the Paseo de las Fuentes. Among the local paths, the “”3 waterfalls route”” stands out, which starts in Gorgo Gaspar.”

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Ferretería Sarrión (Anna)

Comercio dedicado a menaje, fontanería, electricidad, jardinería, adhesivos, pintura, cerrajería, herramientas, etc. Siempre buscando el buen servicio.

Bodegas Marín Acosta (Anna)

Hacemos la maceración pre-fermentativa en frío, la fermentación y la maceración post fermentativa con analíticas periódicas y controles de calidad...

Agima Agricola S.L.

Venta de productos para el campo y jardín, riego a goteo, piensos, calzado, platas ornamentales, frutales, naranjos.