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“The heart of La Canal, a town located on a hillside on the banks of the Sellent River, has a rich cultural and natural heritage
The town of Chella is located on a hillside on the right bank of the Sellent River, surrounded by a fertile orchard. We invite you to discover its rich local heritage, where we recommend a visit to the parish church of the Virgen de Gracia, reconstructed in the 18th century, the stately home of the Counts of Buñol, the chapel of San Nicolás de Bari (19th-20th century) which presides over the upper part of the municipality, or the washhouses and local fountains.

The municipality of Chella stops its vital rhythm at the beginning of February to celebrate the local festivities in honour of La Candelaria, San Blas and the Cristo del Refugio. At the beginning of August the Cultural Week and the Moors and Christians parades stand out, with “”la entrá falsa””, “”la entrá mora””. Other interesting celebrations are San Roque in mid August, the Virgen de Gracia on September 8 with its dances, and San Nicolás on December 6.

The main dishes of the local gastronomy are the casolica de pencas, the puchero, the gazpacho, and the baked rice and broth. No less irresistible are the confectionary and homemade sweets: the peanut and oil cakes made for San Blas, sponge cakes, aniseed rolls, moniato and rosillo pastissets, torta de llanda, almonds, rossegones and the loaves made for All Saints.

The municipality treasures natural spots of great scenic beauty, such as the Mirador del Salto, numerous fountains such as the Abrullador, the Los Chopos, the Zarzalet, or the water springs of the Clochicas and the Abogao. If you decide to extend the walk, the PRV-113 will allow you to link some of these places with the neighbouring municipality of Anna.”

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Detalls (Chella)

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Clínica Podológica Iván Seguí (Chella)

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Carpintería Fusta Irka (Chella)

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Panadería La plaza (Chella)

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