Walk through a Mediterranean jungle

“Quiet and picturesque in every corner, it keeps an authentic Mediterranean forest called “”La Cabrentà”” of exuberant nature that captivates those who look at it
The municipality is located in the basin of the river Sellent, in the northern zone of the region of the Coast, in the limit with the Channel of Navarrés. A walk through the town centre will reveal the parish church of San Onofre, which preserves an image of the Virgen de los Dolores from 1795. No less interesting is the rich heritage of goldsmithing and chasubles from the 18th century, among which the one given by King Carlos IV stands out. The washhouse has its own water source and is still in use.

On the second weekend of June, the festival of the patron saint, San Onofre, is celebrated with a bonfire and a dinner of roast meat, a popular festival and a procession the following day. The patron saint fiestas at the end of August are held in honour of the Santísimo Cristo de la Buena Dicha, the Inmaculada Concepción and the Mare de Déu del Dolors. The Despertás (Wakes) are especially noteworthy, with stanzas to the Virgin running through the streets of the village.

Related to the Valencian tradition of Lent’s cassoletes is the Cassoleta festival, which is accompanied by a variety of musical events, children’s theatre, etc. Accompanying the festivities and the local gastronomy, we can emphasize the pastries of moniato, the coca en llanda, the cake of angel hair and nuts, as well as the Arnadí, more typical of the region of the Coast.

On the slopes of the river Sellent, you will find one of the most beautiful natural spots in the region, popularly known as La Cabrentà, where you will enjoy the karstic formations of stalactites and stalagmites that the water has sculpted on the walls of the caves and the chasms that you will find on your journey.”

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