The trace of our past

“Located on the banks of the Júcar River, it is the perfect getaway destination. Outstanding cultural heritage with samples of rock art, dinosaur footprints or medieval castles in a privileged natural environment with incredible routes and landscapes.
Millares, a frontier town during the Muslim and medieval periods, is strategically located on the banks of the River Júcar and has been the scene of important historical events such as the Moorish revolt in 1609. A past that can still be breathed walking through its streets of Muslim design, crossed by the ditch that starts at the fountain and the pond of the Hinchidor and that also feeds the picturesque washing place called El Clot.

A quiet walk through the town centre is essential, discovering buildings such as the palace of the barony of Millares from the 16th century. A lordship held until well into the 17th century by the Bou family. No less interesting is the parish church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, built on the site of the old mosque and with an important extension at the end of the 18th century.

A visit to the José Martínez Royo Museum Collection is not to be missed. This is an exhibition space that provides an insight into the very rich palaeontological and archaeological heritage of Millares, with sites that are not to be missed, such as El Castillet, the cave paintings in the Barranco del Nacimiento ravine or the site of dinosaur icons in the Rambla de Tambuc, which has been made into a museum for organised visits, and is located in the Bicorp-Millares Cultural Park.

The network of local footpaths and the PRV-261 will take the visitor into the natural and scenic heritage of Millares, marked by fountains, mills, castles, privileged viewpoints and, of course, rock art.

The gastronomy stands out for its varied pastries, together with rice dishes and gazpacho, as some of the main dishes in the local festivities in February in honour of San Blas and those in August in honour of the Holy Christ of Health.”

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Ruta de las Fuentes (Millares)

La Ruta de las Fuentes de Millares es un precioso y sencillo recorrido que puede realizar, sin problemas, cualquier persona....

Horno Filiberto (Millares)

Dirección: Calle Bajada a la balsa,8, Millares Teléfono: 639694196 Correo: Se trata de un horno donde se siguen elaborando...