Picturesque place divided by the river

“Divided by the river where ducks, geese and tents live together, it has picturesque corners and viewpoints. The Hermitage, the Castle-Palace or the Church complete the monumental and cultural offer.
Bolbaite rises on a rocky promontory on the right bank of the river Sellent which divides the municipality in two.

In the upper part, the imposing castle-palace of the Cabanilles (8th-19th centuries) stands out. The parish church of San Francisco de Paula from the second half of the 18th century presides over the church square. The Castle and Eras district will allow the visitor to discover picturesque corners and privileged viewpoints over the Sellent River and La Hoya. When you go down to the viewpoint of the Bridge, you will discover the place of the Sellent River that crosses it, where ducks, geese and tents live together.

Bolbaite’s patron saint’s fiestas are held in spring in honour of the patron saint San Francisco de Paula and the Cristo del Amparo, where the Moors and Christians’ parades are especially noteworthy. In summer, San Roque and Santa Bárbara are celebrated in December with the Despertá, the great Dispará, and the pilgrimages to the hermitage. In San Antón a big bonfire is lit, replaced the rest of the year by the sculpture of the Luminaria.

To recover your strength, there is nothing better than stopping off at one of the local restaurants to savour local dishes. Typical dishes are cakes with sausage or bacon, traditional pastries and sweets, many of them made with virgin olive oil produced in Bolbaite.

The Sellent River and its bathing area on its way through Bolbaite are equipped with all the services and it has natural corners of great beauty such as the gorgo Cadena. It is also advisable to go up to the Santa Barbara chapel (19th century) and its recreational area. Lovers of hiking can go into its network of local themed trails.”

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Company dedicated to earth excavations and debris removal

La Sariera (Bolbaite)

Local business that sells clothes and home accessories such as sheets, curtains, pajamas, underwear, etc.