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Millares MTB Route

Pay attention to the +1245 meters of elevation gain for less than 30 km. The first part offers spectacular views

Family BTT Route 4 – Navarrés

CAV-NAV-004 – Start and finish: Option 1: Playamonte recreational area (Navarrés) ( Option 2: Navarrés. ( – Circular: Yes Direction:

BTT Route 3 Bolbaite

– Start: Bolbaite End: Bolbaite – Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise. Can be done counterclockwise: Yes – Technical path or trail

BTT Route 2 Anna – Chella

38.35 km Start: Tourist Info Anna / Moderate / Circular – Start: Anna End: Anna – Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise.

BTT Route 1 Family – Anna

5.39 km Start: Tourist Info Anna / Easy / 30min. Circular CAV-ANA-001 – Start: Tourist Info Anna ( – End:

GR-332 La Canal

Distance 70.92 Km Accumulated slope Ascent: 2,462 m Minimum altitude: 102 m.a.s.l. Maximum altitude: 1,126 m.a.s.l. (Caroche Peak) Approximate time:

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