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BTT Route 7 Las Terreñas and El Charcún (Quesa)

BTT Route 7 Las Terreñas and El Charcún (Quesa)

– Start: Quesa. End: Quesa
– Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise. Can it be done counterclockwise: Not recommended.
– Km technical path or trail: 11 (31%)
– Km track or path: 20.5 (57%)
– Km paved road: 3.2 (9%)
– Km mountain road: 1 (3%)
– Total km: 35.7 Positive elevation: +1055
– Route ratings from 0 to 5 stars:
MTB ***** Gravel – Enduro **
– Difficulty (low, medium, or high)
Technical: high / Physical: medium-high.
– Points of interest: Alto de Los Collados Km 6.1. Escalona Reservoir Km 28 and 33.5.

Brief description of the route:
Pure MTB, technical and tough. The average speed on this route will be very low. Climbs and descents only suitable for the brave. Up to Km 7.8 it coincides with route 7. Two stars for enduro due to the technical sections, even though a lot of pedaling is required. Not recommended for gravel, it has a very comfortable stretch between Km 20 and 26, but just after that there is a long and very technical trail. In addition to the sporting virtues of the route, there are solitary stretches with spectacular landscapes. Clearing and raking necessary between Km 26 to 27.5. Total 2.5 Km.

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