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BTT Route 6 Altos de los Collaos (Quesa)

BTT Route 6 Altos de los Collaos (Quesa)

– Start: Quesa. End: Quesa
– Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise. Can it be done counterclockwise: Not recommended.
– Km technical path or trail: 4 (25%)
– Km track or path: 11 (63%)
– Km paved road: 1 (6%)
– Km mountain road: 1 (6%)
– Total km: 17 Positive elevation: +550
– Route ratings from 0 to 5 stars:
MTB **** Gravel * Enduro **
– Difficulty (low, medium, or high)
Technical: medium-high / Physical: medium
– Points of interest: Alto de Los Collados Km 6. Cuesta “Insubible” Km 9.4.

Brief description of the route:
In just 17 km, 550 meters of positive elevation are accumulated over technical terrain. It doesn’t have 5 stars because it falls short.
One star for gravel because there will be some brave souls who will dare to try it, although it is not recommended.
It should be noted that there are descents that even with an MTB it is advisable to walk. Two stars for enduro because although it is not the most suitable, you can enjoy the first technical descents and the following ones with fun curves.

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