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BTT Route 5 Casa del Alambin (Quesa)

BTT Route 5 Casa del Alambin (Quesa)

– Start: Quesa. End: Quesa
– Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise. Can be done counterclockwise: Yes
– Technical path or trail km: 8 (15%)
– Track or path km: 30 (61%)
– Asphalted road km: 12 (24%)
– Road km: 0
– Total km: 51 Positive elevation: +1300
– Route ratings from 0 to 5 stars:
MTB ***** Gravel *
– Difficulty (low, medium, or high)
Technical: medium-high / Physical: medium-high
– Points of interest: Solana Del Alambín Km 23.5. Charcos de Quesa and fountain Km 43.7.

Brief description of the route:
Great route for MTB that combines all the ingredients from the first km to the end: technical areas, hard ramps, fast rolling tracks, and great landscapes. Most of the effort is made in the first half, riding on good tracks, but the climb feels almost endless. In the second part, there is more technical and also favorable terrain, but it is necessary to pedal almost until the last kms.

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