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Birdwatching Route (Navarrés)

Birdwatching Route (Navarrés)

This is a circular route of approximately 3.5 km with low difficulty that starts south of the town of Navarrés, at the height of the Cultural Center, and continues in the same direction towards the marshland area (restored wetland).

At the beginning of the route, it is important to pay attention to the birds represented on this starting panel and take time to observe the fields and orchards alternating with native shrub vegetation, bordering the urban area, and try to locate them.

This starting point is ideal for enjoying species such as the Common Starling, the Common Swift, the Common House Martin, the Sardinian Warbler, the European Stonechat, the European Goldfinch, or the European Serin.

As we advance along the path, on our left, we will have an irrigation ditch that will be of great interest throughout the route for species such as the Kingfisher, the Grey Wagtail, and many other passerines that come to drink. On the other side, to our right, there will be orange fields and orchards, ideal for observing the Crested Lark, the Red-legged Partridge, the Common Kestrel, the Common Wood Pigeon, or the White Wagtail.

Following parallel to the irrigation ditch and the fields, we will reach a road that, shortly after crossing it, will allow us to see the marshland. There we will find an interpretive panel with species typical of the wetland environment: the Grey Heron, the Little Egret, the Cattle Egret, the Eurasian Coot, or the Little Grebe, and others representative of the surrounding wetland areas such as the Carrion Crow, the Southern Grey Shrike, or the European Bee-eater. Just at the end of the route, there is a building on the right, home to the Black Redstart and the Little Owl, which, with patience, can be seen.

The return path of the route makes us retrace our steps to the road and from there, we will head west, where we will find a path that will take us towards the town through more fields and shrub vegetation, increasing the number of sightings of species from various environments.

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