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Birdwatching Route (Bicorp)

Birdwatching Route (Bicorp)

This is a circular route of approximately 2 km in length and low difficulty that starts at the site of Fuente del Albaricoquero, very close to the town of Bicorp.

At the beginning of the route, it is important to pay attention to the birds represented on the route’s starting panel, as these are the ones we will most easily be able to identify during the journey. After walking along the small path that, following the course of the Barranco Moreno, connects this recreational area with the town, we will cross the bridge towards Millares to venture a few meters into Calle Castellana.

During this part of the route, we should be attentive to the presence of some birds that live in urban environments such as the black redstart, various species of swallows (the red-rumped swallow, the barn swallow, or the common swift), and others such as the spotless starling or the common swift. The black wheatear also regularly visits the rooftops. We will leave the urbanized area to enter terrain dominated by cultivated fields. Here, we will have to take the time to observe and search among olive trees, orange trees, and other species of birds typical of these environments. It is not difficult to see and hear the common kestrel, goldfinches, greenfinches, warblers, robins, etc.

As we advance along the path seeking the confluences of the Barranco Moreno and the Barranco Gomar, we will turn right and leave shrubland areas and the proximity of the pine forest to our left. This is the home of species such as the crested tit or raptors like the common buzzard and the booted eagle.

The return path of the route leads us back to the course of the Barranco Moreno that embraces Bicorp and, at certain times of the year, is home to water-associated species such as the kingfisher or the white-throated and grey wagtails.

After crossing the bridge again, we will head back along the tree-lined walkway that will take us to the spring, where we will have the opportunity to continue searching for some birds to complete our list of observations.

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