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La Cabrentà Route (Estubeny)

La Cabrentà Route (Estubeny)

Start: Mirador del Río / Easy / 1:30h. Circular

La Cabrentà or Selva de Estubeny is located in the small Valencian town of Estubeny, a few kilometers from the Albufera de Anna. It is a Municipal Natural Area of 1.41 hectares, declared PNM in 2004. It is composed of a humid forest, one of the few examples of Mediterranean jungle.

In this natural area, abundant waters from the Caroig Massif appear, forming springs, waterfalls, and small pools of crystal-clear water. We can also highlight the huge and curious limestone and geological formations.

The area is very close to the urban center of the town, so it is best to access it on foot through this route, crossing a narrow gorge. We will leave the car in the indicated place (where we will find an information panel) and follow the signs.

– We will start by crossing the paved road down to a fork. We will take the left path “La Cabrentà”.
– From this point, we will start to see streams and abundant vegetation. We will have to walk about 400m until we reach some stone stairs with a wooden railing.
– At this point, we can take whichever direction we want as they all lead to the same point. All the trails surround the area and communicate with each other.
– In the final part, there is a recreational area with tables and from there, we will access the main path again by which we descended but following the route of the GR-332, passing by the Fuente Tío Blanco.
– Detour on the return path to Estubeny passing by the Fuente Tío Marcelino until reaching the town again.

* It is a route suitable for all ages and lasts approximately one hour. It is also important to be cautious when doing it as there are gaps and holes between the rocks that are not signposted.

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