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Naomi’s House (Chella)


Naomi’s House (Chella)

Capacity: 12 seats
Tourist housing VT-45032-V

Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living-dining room, kitchen, laundry room, porch, garden, pool, organic garden, and barbecue-wood oven in the middle of nature on the outskirts of the town of Chella.

Perfect for breathing fresh air, disconnecting from your phone, and recharging your batteries. There is no acoustic or environmental pollution. Easy parking for all possible vehicles. Unbeatable views, although the best is not the description, the best is to experience it.

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Millares MTB Route

Pay attention to the +1245 meters of elevation gain for less than 30 km. The first part offers spectacular views...

Family BTT Route 4 – Navarrés

CAV-NAV-004 – Start and finish: Option 1: Playamonte recreational area (Navarrés) ( Option 2: Navarrés. ( – Circular: Yes Direction:...

BTT Route 3 Bolbaite

– Start: Bolbaite End: Bolbaite – Circular: Yes Direction: Clockwise. Can be done counterclockwise: Yes – Technical path or trail...

Birdwatching Route (Quesa)

This is a round trip route of approximately 3.4 km with a medium-low difficulty level, starting just at the end...
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