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Discover La Canal de Navarrés, a tourist area where water is part of the soundtrack of the region, manifested in rivers and bathing spots where you can refresh yourself. Explore its forests and mountains using the extensive network of hiking trails and mountain bike and bicycle touring routes, which will take you to real natural gems. Discover its villages, which have a rich cultural heritage, numerous examples of Cave Art declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, dotted with a multitude of picturesque corners, urban wash-houses, fountains, churches, hermitages and castles presiding over the high hills of the municipalities. Mingle with its friendly and welcoming people, enjoying celebrations such as San Antón or the Moors and Christians, and unique festivals declared to be of tourist interest. Savour its rich cuisine made with local products such as meats and sausages, especially gazpachos (cold soups) and baked rice. A variety of pastries such as pastissets de moniato, aniseed rolls, orelletes or rose nougat. Delight yourself in the artisan butcher’s shops with high quality products and traditional ovens that are testimony to a long history. Bars and restaurants offer everything from traditional to avant-garde cuisine. Surely, the best products, such as honey and olive oil, can be found in the olive oil mills and specialised shops of great atmosphere and warmth. Alternative, you can simply enjoy the peace and quiet and relax in the many rural establishments in the region, have fun!

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