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Welcome to La Canal de Navarrés

Welcome to La Canal de Navarrés

You will love La Canal de Navarrés! It’s an ideal destination for the whole family, to discover with friends, and even for a couple’s visit. Discover the beautiful spaces that La Canal de Navarrés offers, eight rural municipalities that you will love, not only for their landscapes, but also for the environment, culture, and traditions.

If you are planning a route in this area, we recommend visiting towns such as Anna, Chella, Bolbaite, Quesa, Bicorp, Estubeny, Millares, and Navarrés. Perfect locations to make the most of your free time.

The unique landscapes and natural swimming areas of La Canal de Navarrés are the perfect excuse to get closer to nature.

Come and enjoy it in person!

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Millares MTB Route

Pay attention to the +1245 meters of elevation gain for less than 30 km. The first part offers spectacular views

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